Kidney Disease Recovery

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Kidney Disease Recovery

Postby janakbhutani » Wed Sep 07, 2016 8:28 am

I joined this form to discuss about the kidney disease of my wife aged 31 years.
She is suffering from kidney failure from last 3 years.
Both kidneys are not working.
Current creatinine is 14 and HB is 4.5 we have operation for fistula this month.
She is on dialysis and taking medicine from Patiala Punjab (India).
I want to know are there any chances of recovery can we come out of this (dialysis) condition.
Does anyone know any other treatment for this either homeopathic or Ayurveda.
Her condition is going worse day by day.
Please suggest us any good doctor for this.
Please help us for the same.

Janak Bhutani
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Re: Kidney Disease Recovery

Postby Tibbs » Wed Sep 07, 2016 12:07 pm

None of that works. If it did - we'd all be using it.

The only treatment right now is dialysis and transplant. There are some exciting developments coming down the track, using animal organs is being reassessed, and growing organs will be a thing, but both of them are many years away.

Do the doctors know what 'medicine' she's taking? Some things interact badly with dialysis, and it's important her renal specialists know.
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Re: Kidney Disease Recovery

Postby janakbhutani » Thu Sep 08, 2016 6:26 am

Thanks Tibbs For the reply.

Yes doctor know what medicine she is taking. Once we have dialysis its down the Creatinine 2-3 points down but after a week it will go up automatically.

One more important thing i want to say that her Blood Pressure is also high and taking medicine of this also.

I want to know is there any special diet which can help.

Here I discussed with many doctors but all have their different opinions. Some say eat any fruit or vegetables, some say eat only apple and avoid milk products etc etc.

If you know any good food that will help to increase HB level as its very low.

Thanks & Regards
Janak Bhutani
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Re: Kidney Disease Recovery

Postby wagolynn » Thu Sep 08, 2016 8:00 pm

Hi janakbhutani,

Blood pressure - needs to be down to 120/80, if the medication is not getting it down it should be changed.
She should not be having any added salt, either added in cooking/preparation or added at the time of eating, to help get her blood pressure down.

Diet - dialysis is not able to control the levels of Phosphate, and Potassium, (the two Ps) therefore the patient has to reduce their intake of these, (note - reduce not eliminate).
Both the two P's are essential to life, and should only be adjusted under medical supervision.
Both these should be checked monthly, part of the monthly blood works.

In the UK dialysis patients are supervised on their diet by a dietician who uses the blood results to advise the patient on dietary changes.
They may also prescribe Phosphate absorbers this is medication that absorbs Phosphate in the gut before the body has absorbed it.

Vegetables tend to be high in one or both of the two P's but they are both water soluble, so they can be soaked in cold water overnight or cooked by boiling in water, in both cases the soaking/cooking water is discarded.

These two web sites below show the levels of the two P's in western foods, you may find others more appropriate to your needs on the internet.

These two web sites, below, will give a lot of useful information, the first is a bit technical, click on 'Hand book', and look under the various headings there.

The second is more general, but it also can be trusted.

When looking on the internet, it is important to check the source, in general if is offering a cure discard it.

Digest the above, then come back if you have more questions, I am sure someone will be here to help if we can.
Do remember, we are only patients not doctors.

Best wishes to you and your sister.
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Re: Kidney Disease Recovery

Postby janakbhutani » Tue Sep 20, 2016 11:57 am

As i had already mentioned my wife had operation of Fistula this month.
I want to know is it possible that Fistula don’t work.
As our doctor say that Fistula is not working and we have to do operation again.
Is this happened to anyone? Is there any other option that we don’t have another operation?

Janak Bhutani
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Re: Kidney Disease Recovery

Postby wagolynn » Tue Sep 20, 2016 2:34 pm

Yes, it is possible for a fistula to not work, if you feel a 'good' fistula you will feel a buzzing sensation as the blood flows through it (some medical people call it a thrill). This indicates a good blood flow, a fistula can be assessed using an ultrasound scanner, most scanners these days will measure blood flow rates as well. I would say, in the UK a fistula is never abandoned without having a scan first.

A new fistula, when first used may not work properly, and has to be abandoned. With some, recirculation may be a problem, that is the blood that has been through the dialyser flows backwards from the venous needle (the one that returns blood to the arm, usually the upper needle) to the arterial needle (the lower needle, the one used to collect blood from the arm).

Once a fistula is in use, I think the most common failure is a blood clot, some times a clot can be cleared, if not the fistula has to be abandoned.

I hope that helps.
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Re: Kidney Disease Recovery

Postby janakbhutani » Wed Sep 21, 2016 11:39 am

Hello All,

As I had already mentioned that my wife HB level is very low its 4.5 only.
We have EPORISE 10000 IU INJECTION per week for increasing the HB but there seems no benefit.
We have to do dialysis 2 times a week now as there is problem in breathing.
I want to ask some questions.

1. If I give her my blood then her HB level will increase?

2. Is it a good option for increasing the HB level.

3. Is it safe?

4. What else I can do for increasing the HB level so that she get out of this (Breathing) problem.

Please suggest.

Janak Bhutani
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Re: Kidney Disease Recovery

Postby wagolynn » Wed Sep 21, 2016 2:47 pm

Hi janakbhutani,

1. Blood transfusions will temporarily raise her blood count but the modern trend is to avoid blood transfusions as they often cause other issues. She could only use your blood if it was a match.

2. It would temporarily raise the blood count but the under lying problem is uncorrected, a transfusion only temporarily eliminate the symptoms not the root cause.

3. There is always a risk of infection and shock from transfusions.

4. She is having EPO (EPORISE), that is not working, to me it looks as though she is short of iron. If she is, the way forward is Iron infusions iron pills are not suitable in this situation..

If she is carrying excess water, this will make her breathless, not only because it is extra weight to carry but it can collect in and around her lungs making it hard to breath.

In the UK patients are usually dialysed three times per week for 3 to 4 hours each time. Water should not be removed whilst on dialysis faster than around 0.6 litres per hour, otherwise the patient may pass out. If water needs to be removed at a greater rate the length of time dialysing should be extended.
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Re: Kidney Disease Recovery

Postby j0hnr » Tue Nov 01, 2016 6:25 pm

Hello Janak
Has there been any improvement with your wife's hemoglobin level? Have you continued with the EPORISE?
I remember when I had to start EPO in 2013 that they told me it takes several weeks I think for it to start working fully. I also needed the iron infusion first (as hemoglobin cannot be manufactured by the body without sufficient iron availability). On my blood tests I saw 3 related items for this but not sure which was most relevant: "Ferritin", "Iron" & "Transferrin"

I am shocked by the quoted level for the creatinine as I think in India you use the same units as in USA (mg/dl rather than umol/L in the UK). I found a conversion web site for creatinine ( ... tinine.php) that indicates 14 mg/dl equates to 1237 umol/L.
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