New official guidance on tacrolimus

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New official guidance on tacrolimus

Postby esprit1 » Tue May 29, 2012 3:03 pm

The UK Medicines Regulatory agency has just issued revised guidance on prescribing and dispensing of tacrolimus. Key points are that all prescriptions should specify the exact brand name of tacrolimus (e.g.' Prograf'), pharmacists must check if they get a prescription written using just the generic name 'tacrolimus' (with no specific brand stated) and patients should query any apparent change in their tacrolimus. Also, any switching to a new brand of tacrolimus should only be carried out with full monitoring under a specialists' supervision. See to see the full documentation, including a Question and Answer document. This is good news as we know that there have been some 'mix-ups' in the past with different tacrolimus products.
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