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Upcoming visit

Postby deanne65 » Mon Feb 27, 2012 11:47 pm

I finally decided, today, to make another appointment with my local Veterans Administration clinic. There are a couple of issues I need to iron out before next monday, when I see my pcp. First off, I think the doctor at the clinic is most paternalistic, and on more than one occasion, she has put me in my place, and made sure that I understand that she is the doctor, and I, the patient. So the difficulty I face is that of an over-inflated ego.
I will not get a call back from the nephrologist who ordered my ultrasound and 24hr creatinine test. I called three times, and never got a return call. I suppose he was not going to bother, given the results of my tests (both ultrasound and creatinine clearance appeared normal). However, I am having symptoms, the source of which is hard to put my thumb on.
I believe that I am having difficulty concentrating my urine, although my serum and blood osmolality (solute concentration) were well within normal bounds. I did, however, have these values measured without prior liquid restriction, so the values might have been higher than recorded. The confounding issue has to do with my present treatment protocol for heavy metals (lead and mercury). As I am aware of short and longterm affects of heavy metals on the kidneys, I believe that I am justifiably concerned about getting to the root of my problem. However, again, my test results (blood and urine) have been more or less normal, including serum creatinine, BUN, electrolytes, and blood pressure (usually about 110/70 or slightly higher).
Am i missing something? I have fatigue, dizziness, frequent urination, especially at night, and mild quesiness. And very odd, indeed, is the impression I have of bloating in hands and feet, especially at night, even with cosiderable urination accompanying any liquid ingestion.
I have bought myself urinalysis strips, and so far, no protein or blood in the urine, as much as the strips are accurate.

How might I possibly present my concerns, given the recent history of test results, and the attitude of my bureaucrat-doctor? I feel like I am crying wolf, but these symptoms are there. Oh, yes, I have had mild flank aches, almost every day. I am concerned that using the chelator,DMSA (12.5 mg, to mobolize heavy metal out through my urine), has stressed my kidneys. What might I ask for as far as tests are concerned, given my list of symptoms? Is it likely to feel this terrible, even if my kidney function is near normal? I suppose no two pair of kidneys are the same.
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