another visit to ER with dangerously low bp

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another visit to ER with dangerously low bp

Postby amanda in CA » Thu Apr 15, 2010 1:21 am

Hi, yesterday morning whilst in the shower, the muscles in my back started aching violently, and all of a sudden my leg muscles turned to jelly and I landed in a heap on the shower floor. Sat there for a few minutes, got up and the same thing happened again. got out, lay on the bed, tried taking my blood pressure and it would not even register. After a few minutes, managed to get a reading of 68/58. Phoned my doctor who said that I needed to call 911 to get an ambulance to take me to the hospital as I shouldn't drive (not surprisingly). Got my husband to take me. they gave me iv fluids, got it to come up some and then kicked me out with a prescription that raises blood pressure. They said that I was hypovolaemic from taking off too much fluid with PD. However, my blood pressure runs low even when I look like a cabbage-patch doll in the face with fluid overload. Taken this medication today, but haven't noticed a substantial difference in blood pressure increase. This is the second time that this is happened but comes as a surprise because just over a year ago I had a blood pressure that was dangerously high and not controllable with meds. Anyone else been in this situation?
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