Now we know that Rachel is back with us.

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Now we know that Rachel is back with us.

Postby oldborris » Thu Oct 14, 2004 11:57 am

Rachel in NY


Off track yet on topic... just like sometimes they don't care about the fact that machine is causing inaccuracies.. they sometimes don't care what your BP is. Once post surgery I was in recovery room I guess and I had a bp cuff on my arm which automatically inflated/checked my bp every few minutes. I was able to twist my head back and up and 'read' the results on the digital display behind me. Once it began beeping and beeping and it was super high, everything was alarming, yet nobody came over to me. Nobody even turned in my direction. It didn't bother me, bc I tend to be very 'erratic' post surgery. During surgery for some reason my bp always plunges, sometimes incredibly low, but they moniter it, etc, and afterwords it jumps around for a few hours, and from minute to minute it'll jump 20 pts or so. up or down. So like I said, it didn't bother me, but what's the point of unmonitered monitering?

Oh and by the way, manual vs. automatic. At home I have both an automatic bp checker, and a manual. We get VERY varied readings between the 2. In addition, if the battery is low on the automatic, we'd tend to get funky readings. If its plugged in to an outlet rather then using the battery, we'd get a diff set of readings. We thought it was the machine, and got the best on the market, but it still has very flakey results. Its more convienent bc I can do it myself. But the manual way (which someone else has to help me with) gives perfect results, every time. Bc its technically flawless.

What greater proof do we need that Rachel is back with us in fact and in spirit when she can take the time and trouble to reply to such inconsequintial ramblings as emanate from the beared mouth of Old Borris.

Welcome back, Rachel.
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