Rach is out of surgery

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Rach is out of surgery

Postby kim » Wed May 19, 2004 9:27 pm

Just a quick note to let everyone know Rach is out of surgery and everything went well. Waiting to hear more soon. Will keep you all posted
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Postby Hal » Wed May 19, 2004 10:22 pm

Great. Best wishes Rachel :)

Hal x
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Rachel outta surgery ;)

Postby Elaine » Thu May 20, 2004 7:43 am

Thanx Kim and Jman for keeping us informed :wink: Such a relief isn't it to know that surgery is over and shes doin ok ;)

Best wishes & (((((HUGZ))))))))) Elaine & Rach
uk :lol: :wink: :P :roll:

PS be in touch soon Rachel ;)
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Postby Rik » Thu May 20, 2004 8:02 am

thanks for the good news Kim ... I'm sure she will be up and complaining in no time!!!!!
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Postby Rachel in NY » Thu May 20, 2004 3:20 pm

Hi.. I'm Rachel's sister. Just wanted to update all of you that Rachel is doing fine. Everything went smoothly yesterday & she's home & sleeping at the moment. She does have some pain, which with the medication she's on, is bound to get better soon. She sends her love and thanks for all of your wishes on both her surgery and Transplant Anniversary ~ and looks forward to posting on the board herself soon.
Rachel in NY
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Postby Lorna » Thu May 20, 2004 5:40 pm

Great to hear you're doing so well following your operation :D . Hope the quick recovery continues, and look forward to chatting again soon.

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Rachael in NY

Postby oldborris » Thu May 20, 2004 5:49 pm

I didn't know that you were in surgery but am glad that you are now out of it and glad to hear that you are doing well. If it was not the candles I lit for you then it must have been my crossed fingers. Delighted that I can now uncross them. God! I was getting cramp something awful.
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