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Polycystic Liver and Hormones

PostPosted: Mon Apr 22, 2013 1:55 pm
by des_de_mona
I have polycystic kidney and polycystic liver disease.
My father, who is 59 has just been told he needs a liver transplant very soon (he has already had a kidney transplant). He has had problems for many years with his liver - ie. pain, discomfort, swollen stomach etc. His sister (my auntie) died whilst waiting for a liver transplant. She also had many years of problems with massive cysts, which she kept having to have drained.

Because of my Dad's prognosis it has made me start worrying about my own liver and after doing a bit of research I have found a lot of information that says womens polycystic livers are usually affected worse than men and have larger cysts because of hormones.
I currently take the combi-pill for period pains, which give me even more hormones than I have already. Does anybody know of a pill or treatment for period pains which doesn't require pumping you full of hormones. I don't fancy having an IUD fitted, and I have tried the mini pill previously, but couldn't tolerate them.

I'm concerned about taking all these hormones now, with my family history. Is there a hormone-free or low-hormone pill or treatment for period pains, I really don't want to make my situation worse than it already is if there is an alternative?