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Postby Bond » Wed May 19, 2004 4:42 am

:D My mother is a 44 year old woman with a clean bill of heath as of May 10. It was mother's day when we got the call, and were overjoyed. The kidney was a PERFECT MATCH. All 6 antogins matched. The kidney was from a trauma patient somewhere back east. A 23 year old male. The whole point of this is not just to celebrate, but to bring up a good point: What a wonderful mother's day present for her, and for our family, but just think of the mother back east who has lost her son who is 23 years old. What a terrible mothers day for her. Whether you people out there get a kidney from a living donor, or a kidney from a cadaver, please, take into consideration of the family on "the other end". My mother gets to come home tomorrow, and she's a healthy woman again. She wasn't on the list for more that 4 months, and had been on haemo for 3 months. What a joyous time.[/b]
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Postby Anne in Va » Wed May 19, 2004 4:58 am

Hi Bond,

Congratulations to your Mother and your family. My early Christmas gift came from a friend who was my living donor. I agree with you about the cost involved. Transplant is said to be a "gift" but I believe it to be a sacrifice freely given, either by the family of a suddenly deceased person, or by an individual who gives of his/her self. In either case, not a small thing to ask.

May your Mother enjoy her healthier life for many years to come.

Best Wishes, Anne
Anne in Va
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Bond- congratulations to your mother & family

Postby Elaine » Wed May 19, 2004 7:50 am

Bond hav read u post. Congratulations firstly to your mother recieving a gift donated from a perhaps tradgedy from another family. Yes I can understand your thoughts about feeling for the family of the donor too.

My daughter is soon hopefully goin bak onto the transplant waiting list after being on p/d 16mnths she is 16 yrs old. :roll:But has to have her kidneys removed prior to going bak on transplant waiting list.

Kidney failure has affected her health dramatically and effects the whole family. Sadly because she has an active disease and failure she is struggling to do pretty much anything at the moment. She is not able to attend school for past 18mnths,, socialise and do all the youthful activities she would be expected to do. :cry: Transplant is an opportunity hopefully for her to lead a better quality of life than the very limited one she does now. :wink:

We too have had many discussions about perhaps wen the time 'comes' to recieve such a gift of a donated kidney it will be filled with many many mixed emotions for both ourselves and the family who will be grieving their loved one. But what we do have to respect at the end of the day is that it was the wish of the donor to try and help someone have a better quality of life possible in the event of their death in whatever distressing circumstances.Our family and my daughter have in UK registered as donors on the Uk transplant register.

Writing letters and communication to the donor family at a time 'that feels right' for individual circumstances may be a comfort for the donor family im sure. I'm sure that no-one intends to offend donors and their famalies by celebrating recieving a donor there are many psychological issues that the recipient and their famalies think about too.

I personally feel, after seeing how many people suffer through renal failure that I would want to help someone to try and live their life to the full if possible by an organ donation should my death occur. I have spoken to a mother who lost her daughter and donated her organs she said she found comfort in knowing that she had helped many people.

I wish you and your family the very best of luck and hope that your mum will be feeling much better soon.

Best wishes Elaine & Rachael UK. :wink:
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