Slowing the progression?

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Slowing the progression?

Postby metabaron » Sun May 29, 2005 2:43 am


Sadly, I have come to accept that I do have a problem. I am still waiting for doctors to determine that I have a problem. Next week I am back for a small visit to my nephrologist. 3 months ago he said there is no indication of any kidney disease/damage (I like how these doctors word their statements). Even considering the results he failed to acknowledge that my CO2 levels were high (would this be acidosis?) and my creatinine has started rising, while creatine clearance dropped. Anyway, I have no 9 lives to prove that I am sick, sick, sick; so I've already switched to vegeterian diet. I am considering going on very low protein diet, but it's not something I can do myself and no dietitian would prescribe me this diet (I've asked). My best guess is that my kidneys are now at 20-30 - I could be wrong but only on the low side. Who knows; tons of new symptoms every day.

At the moment I am fighting doctors (for the last 6 months at least) and their ignorance. I am even fighting my family - they do not want to believe me that I have a huge problem (my mother still wants me to eat food I know I shouldn't eat). Most of the time I am fighting myself.

What I found is that I am not comfortable with the current 'treatment' options offered by the modern medicine. I've looked hard and searched everwhere for clues as to how to slow or stop the progression of the disease. As I noted before I've found the book "The 12-Step Program" to be great. Very little else. My internet search found someone doing the raw diet who is at about 50GFR and is very gradualy losing function. I have not found a single case of someone stopping the progression completely. Is it possible? Anyone ever seen an article or anything on some such case? I can't really think of anything else besides the diet that could be done. I mean, as long as the what is injuring kidneys is gone (I do not have diabetes or PKD, high blood pressure or immuno disease, so my failure is coming from something else) there is nothing much you can do?
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