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EPS Surgery In The News

PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:29 pm
by nickp
First time I have ever seen EPS mentioned in a newspaper.

'The condition, which is a complication of kidney dialysis, has baffled doctors for years and treatment is still evolving. The syndrome leaves patients unable to digest their food, leading to severe ­malnutrition and inevitable death.

Manchester Royal Infirmary treats sufferers from throughout the UK and Europe. Mr Augustine said: “It is like the gut is encased in ­cement. We call it the ­abdominal ­cocoon.

“When food is eaten it doesn’t pass through and people ­basically starve to death. Treatment involves painstakingly operating on the abdomen to release the gut and restore its function so the patient can eat again and nutrition is maintained.”

Full article: ... n-recover/