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Re: Gastroparesis etc

PostPosted: Thu Nov 08, 2012 3:54 pm
by MidgeMan90

It is not the same condition as you but I have the EBV virus and at certain points when treating it, even now, they have totally dropped aza and brought tacro down to a stupidly small level. No rejection has occurred, although it must be said I did have a biopsy at one point as creatinine went up but it showed no rejection. The doc at clinic this past week didn't fill me with the up most confidence when he said: "It looks like you have gotten away with it" - in reference to lowering the rejection drugs in order to find a balance between treating the virus and looking after the kidney.

Your plan of eating small and often, losing weight, exercising etc can surely only help and would be a good course of action I would think.

Sorry this reply isn't totally gastroparesis related, but I thought I would share it in regards to lowering anti-rejection drugs.