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Dialysis Uncensored - New Support Advocacy Page

PostPosted: Mon Oct 29, 2012 11:42 pm
by M3Riddler
I would just like to announce that I have started a new Social Networking Site for Support and Education on Facebook.

This does not mean move away from the KPG Forum as it is a wealth of information in itself
The Name of the group is Dialysis Discussion Uncensored. Here is a link and some information about the page:

Dialysis Discussion Uncensored


There are many places to find information on the internet. This Facebook group is focused on supporting and providing in
formation as well as the sharing of individual experiences of the following:

• Dialysis Patients (all modalities)
• Caregivers/Care Partners
• Pre-Transplantation
• Post Transplantation
• Medical Professionals that want to learn the patients point of view.

Members shall be respectful and refrain from profanity, spam, or personal attacks.

We are Uncensored in the discussion of dialysis concerns. It is not a license to expand upon one’s personal political views that detract from the primary objective of the group.

We are a social support network of CKD, dialyzors of all modalities, those seeking transplantation and those who are post transplantation. This site is an open group that welcomes medical professionals and family members with the goal of supporting informed decisions when discussing medical advice provided by licensed medical professionals. MEDICAL ADVICE AND DECISIONS SHOULD ALWAYS COME FROM YOUR MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS.


We hope to see you there!!