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Kideney Dialyss Goverment E Petitions

PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 12:54 am
by maobrien
Hi everybody,
I am new to this forum and I care for someone who has kidney problems, suprised by the lack of innovation by the department of health, to this end I have raised five e petitions on the UK government website , see URL's below, if you agree could you please, sign the e petitions listed below and get family and friends to do the same, you need to be a UK citizen to sign these e petitions

Petition 39598 - Reduce costs of hameodialysis Machines

Department of health undertake teardown analysis of current hameodialysis/Hameodifiltraion machines and support an initiative to produce a portable machine costing less than £2000. Two large semi conductor manufacturers Maxim and Texas Instruments have published high level designs for dialysis machines using there semi-conductors, which makes me wonder why the machines cost so much. Cheaper machine would benefit everybody, separate machine for holiday use, travel etc, in particular provide cheap dialysis for CKD sufferers in developing countries and promote innovation.

To sign this petition <click URL below>

Petition 39654 - Cheap biosensor for Blood and Mineral Analysis

Why do blood analysis machines cost so much ?. Diabetes users can now purchase glucose meters for £20.00 (glucose biosensor), hence why I am questioning cost of blood and mineral analysis machines. Cheap biosensor could be included in dialysis machines for pre/post treamtment etc, used for analysing food at home and cut down lead times for blood analysis, immediate results.

To sign this petition <click URL below>

Petition UK 39599 - UK Food Nutritional Database

The way the current UK food nutritional database is presented as a excel spreadsheet is hard to interpret, the USA and Canadian websites are so much better. In addition I am suggesting all major food supplies, provide full nutritional information for there products to the UK Food Standards Agency for incorporation into this database. This information could be used by tablet and iphone programmers to create a program to inform user of nutritional content of a food. Point the tablet/iphone camera at barcode of item, full food analysis pop up on screen detailing phosphorous, potassium, sodium levels for it. Also, program on tablet/iphone could be configured with different diseases/conditions for example high blood pressure, diabetes, Kidney and liver disease and alert if food content would cause them problems.

To sign this petition <click URL below>

Petition 39909 - Nanoporous ceramic filter for dialysis

Research was undertaken in 2007 by EMV (Van Geertruyden) to use ceramic filters in dialysis, they recieved a grant from there government to undertake this work,on completion of there research a number of beneficial claims where made, improved filtration and reduction in dialysis time, it was not taken any further, because they where not a manufacturing company, only interested in research, it would appear they took out a patent for a ceramic filter to be used in dialysis machine. This work was undertaken in 2007, what's the view of the department of health, have they looked at using ceramic filters and do they agree with the benefits claimed by EMV.

To sign this petition <click URL below>

Petition 39914 - Mineral reduction using ION Exchange Resin Beads

Ion exchange resins are widely in use within the food and industry and home water softeners and water filters. Home water softeners replace calcium ions in household water with sodium ions, I am suggesting the UK government make available ion exchange resin in bead form to convert potassium ions to calcium ions, to be used at home to reduce potassium levels in milk, apple and orange juice and other liquid forms. Prior to doing this, can the Department of health confirm the research undertaken by University Hospital Nijmegen is valid, ion resin would be beneficial for reducing potassium content in milk, apple and orange juice.

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