creatinine clearance and GFR

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creatinine clearance and GFR

Postby virginia » Wed Apr 27, 2005 9:50 pm

Hi..I have a quick question to ask you all as I have just been to my doc and, as usual, forgot to ask the important questions regarding the lab results he gave me.

WHAT exactly is a creatinine clearance value of 42 in relation to GFR? I just started seeing a new dr. as my usual one moved away and the values the two of them have given me just don't seem to gel. One says the CrCl is 50, giving me a GFR of 58 (but I thought CrCl OVERESTIMATED GFR????) ....and the other says 42 with no mention of a GFR and nothing else has changed. Creatinine still 2.2. Yes, yes, I know...I should have asked while I was there..but you know how it is when you're hit with a whirlwind of numbers and medspeak :roll:

Anyway, I hope somebody here can clear this up for me as I am now hopelessly confused about what all these numbers mean.

With much appreciation,
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