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Chronic Pain Management Team

PostPosted: Wed May 02, 2012 5:44 pm
by Loulabelle
I have seen my GP today after feeling very rough for the last 2 weeks, urine test showed no infection so again a cyst has burst or bled, according to her. My blood pressure is still high from being checked last week at my local walk in centre.

I am now being refered to the CPT at my local hospital and was wondering if anyone else had been and what happened/if it helped etc??

Also whether you have had this type of pain alot and how you dealt with it, on top of that i am having problems with having time off work (they aren't paying me) so forcing myself in even though i feel rubbish!! Feel constantly exhausted and run down, also had a break out of coldsores, spots and basically look vile!!

Am feeling at my wits end with feeling so rough with my PKD every few months and am willing to try anything i can to stop the pain!! :(