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Nikkiso Home Dialysis machine

PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, 2012 1:04 pm
by pgt67
My unit has, without any patient input, changed contract for the supply of home dialysis from gambro to Nikkiso. i am not sure of the exact model yet but do know it has one pump only with the touch screen etc on an a flexible arm and a large but slim RO machine.

I am to get to look at the machine and quiz the reps from Nikkiso early next week but would like comments from anyone who already has such a machine, or dialyses on a Nikkiso on how they find it, is it easy to set up, line, clean down. can it be easily moved, what are the connections like, easy to fit or tricky to handle, whats the touch screen like and have they have had any issues with it not responding - in fact anything either positive or negative on the machine.