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Postby marier » Tue Feb 21, 2012 11:49 am

I developed Rhabdomyolysis due to the PCT switching my statin to Simvastatin. This caused the muscles to die, renal failure and if left untreated the dreaded death! Since then (about three years ago) I have not taken any statins to lower my cholesterol. Before initial treatment my cholesterol level was 12.6 and I really dont want it to go that high again. The last time I had it checked was about 9 months ago when it had reached 8. something.

The doc seems reluctant to put me back on statins in case I have become sensitised to them I'm not sure thats the correct terminology, but basically means I might develop rhabdomyolsis again.

I was wondering whether anyone else had the same problem, or whether anyone had recommenced taking statins after a reaction to them.
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