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getting started on NxStage

PostPosted: Fri Oct 28, 2011 8:24 pm
by amanda in CA
Well, Have done 4 days of the training now. Had a few problems getting the needles into the buttonholes initially, but so did the nurse. On Wednesday, which was a day off from it, I decided to have a go at putting the needles in when I had no-one watching me and managed to get both the arterial and venous needles in. Yesterday, I got the venous needle in, but didn't realise that it was, since I am having problems holding it in a way that I can see the flashback and thought that it wasn't going in right, and pulled it out again. Trouble is I was, so I had a nice mess - didn't know that blood can spurt so far.

Today went much better and I got them both in ok and felt that I had a bit more of a handle on assembling the machine.

Funny enough I was talking to my nurse about extended and he didn't seem to be so 'poo-pooey' about it as he was before, so I wonder if the neph has been talking to him about it (probably not). Anyway, who knows, one day the FDA may approve it for nocturnal and there will cease to be an issue.