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Looking to interview Diabetic CKD patients

PostPosted: Thu Oct 06, 2011 4:20 pm
by HCSrenal
Hi Everyone,

I work for a US-based company called Human Care Systems that creates patient support programs for patients with chronic diseases. We are currently starting a project for patients with Diabetic Chronic Kidney disease. Our first step is to interview people who have this condition, in order to understand from their perspective how their health affects their day-to-day life.
We will be conducting interviews in London and Dublin in November, and are looking for people who would be interested in participating. We are looking to speak with you for a few hours, and will ask questions about your life and daily routine, how you feel about your health and how it affects you and your family, the ways you currently manage your health including areas that are going well and areas where you struggle.
All information shared will remain confidential, and will be used solely to help us understand the experience and needs of patients with diabetic CKD. Participants in the research will be paid for their time.

If you or a family member has type 2 diabetes and chronic kidney disease and would be interested in participating in our interviews, please reply or send me a private message. You can also email or call 0-808-189-1473 (in the UK) or 1-800-553-549 (in Ireland).