my daughter (8) has blood & protein in urine, were waiti

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my daughter (8) has blood & protein in urine, were waiti

Postby BarbPicklar » Thu May 13, 2004 4:10 am

My 8 yr old has been off and on sick with everything that goes around for the last 2 years. We have taken her to the doctor and they said the has mono or strep or influenza, always something. The latest is chroic tummy aches, running temp and tired alot. We took her to the doctor and they ran CAT scans and ultrasounds which came out ok. She has blood and protein in her urine and the doctor said her urine is horrible. We have been referred to a kidney doctor at Childrens Mercy but the appt in not untill July 28, 2004. The doctor said that we must just keep doing with her what we've been doing.
As her mom, I am scared. Hoping for the best though. The doctor said she has glomerulonephritis. I have so many questions and no answers yet to the damage or why.
Thanks Barb
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Postby Hal » Thu May 13, 2004 10:17 am

Hi Barb,

Sorry to hear about your daughters problems.

If you are worried, I would suggest you try and call to bring the appointment forward - even if they say its not possible, its worth a try.

Has your daughter had a kidney biopsy ? If your daughter has NOT had a biopsy then your doctor is making a very presumptious diagnosis - they are many diseases that cause protein and blood in the urine, glomurelonephritis is just one of them. In fact you can have no actual disease and still leak protein and blood - hopefully this is the case with your daughter.

Take care,

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