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Re: Transplant life for living unrelated donors

PostPosted: Mon Jun 13, 2011 7:59 am
by Kipper
Thanks Keith, as the receipient of a living unrelated tx I was pleased to read the outcome was statistically favourable compared to a cadavaric tx. Not sure if live related fare better still as the article is a bit techy for me but rates are improving all the time.

I assume the graft survival rate of 72% does not take into account people who's tx's have failed due to underlying non related health issues. Technically if a transplantee were to die in a car crash or naturally of old age their tx would still be considered to have failed. If I'm correct and this figure incorporates these individuals I wonder what the rate would be for healthy, living transplantees whose transplants have simply failed without any non related factors being present.
I guess you could expand that and give percentage figures for different age and ethnic groups also.

Still even 62% at 5 years for cadavaric treansplants is good, the only way is up as my mate Yazz says.