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Streatham Common Kite Day - Sun 11th April

PostPosted: Thu Apr 08, 2010 5:01 pm
by JMan
Yep its me again, your plant addict, kiteflying (sometimes) JMan.

I'm hoping to go to the Streatham Kite Day on Sunday 11th. This is a great fun event for everyone.

PM me if you wanna meet up:) Details of how to get there, kites, events, food, and whats on.

Program should include.

* Piero Serra - top UK trick flyer
* Team Spectrum father and son pairs flying and one man flying three kites!
* Team Adrenalize - power kiting demonstration
* Brighton Kite Flyers - the giant octopus and many other large kites
* Tom Apurba - Indian fighting kites
* Rok fight (hopefully with points counting in the STACK Rokkaku Challenge)
* Altitude sprint - how high can you get your kite in one minute
* The Highwaymen - kite traders extraordinary
* Hanuman Kites - are they the smallest kites in the world?

* Beer stall
* Hog roast
* Ishmail's Mother currys
* The Pancake Van

Hope you all had a fantastic, or at least decent Easter:)