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pain after Pyeloplasty

PostPosted: Mon Jan 17, 2005 5:07 pm
by Jan
10 years ago I was diagnosed with a PUJ obstruction on the left kidney and as a result I was given a Pyeloplasty. After the OP I was in pain for 2.5 years, with no real cause found for the pain. After this I have been pain free until the summer of 2004. Following recent tests it shows I have gross hydronephrosis of the left kidney, I am awaiting test to see if a repeat Pyeloplasty or nephrectomy is needed. Anyone gone through a simular experience?


Pain after Pyeloplasty

PostPosted: Wed Feb 16, 2005 3:21 am
by margier
I had a laparoscopic pyeloplasty performed in October last year and I am also still suffering pain (though nothing like the same level prior to the surgery). I have not yet had a follow up scan to see if there is any cause. I was expecting to be pain free after the surgery, but it has not yet happened.

Re: pain after Pyeloplasty

PostPosted: Thu Nov 09, 2017 5:30 pm
by gentooguy
Could you please post a follow up to this thread? I also went through a pyeloplasty and it's been 6 months so far. I wouldn't say I'm having pain but I definitely have discomfort on and off under / around my rib cage on the side that I had the surgery done. So far though I have't had a dietl's crisis yet. Renal scan showed slow drainage but once injected with the diuretic right kidney cleared out quickly. Right kidney back to regular size not severely ballooned out like before the surgery. Doctor says the blockage is cleared but drainage may be slow. How long does this discomfort / pain last? Some days it's better some days it worse.