wasn't so bad

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wasn't so bad

Postby Yvette » Fri May 07, 2004 6:47 pm

well, JMan was right I just had a fear of the unknown. Yesterday was my first day on HD and I SURVIVED :D
I had a lot of info being thrown my way by different people and it seemed all at once, but I knew they were just trying to keep my mind (and eyes) off of what was really happening on my left arm. I got a call Thurs morn at 730 saying I should have been there at 7....Oh, Really?? Nobody told me! Well I immediately called my husband at work and he came home to get me and drive me downtown to the clinic. I pictured it to start differently. I expected to speak to the social worker and dietician before dialysis. But the SW came during and I don't know what happened to the dietician. So I was started on the tubes as soon as I arrived. Just like that they were in and I was on. I felt quite foolish afterward that I had such a fear of this. I have been stuck by needles so many times I can't even tell you a # and yet I was afraid of this. As my 11 year old would say "Duh, mom!" I felt just a bit queasy afterward but my husband walked me and held me and spoiled me the rest of the evening. (Is that what it takes? ):wink: Anyway, I am due to go 3xwk. and I hope that all will go as smoothly as my 1st. Maybe this will quicken my transplant team to get the ball rolling.
I thank all of you who responded to my concerns. It was a great help reading all your messages. The "FRIENDS" from TV are now gone and done, but thankfully all my kidney friends from this board are still here.
All you guys are wonderful
Love to all
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Postby Dionne » Sat May 08, 2004 4:15 am

I'm glad things worked out for you regarding dialysis, but even more for the spoiling you received from your husband! :lol: You deserve it.
Thanks for keeping us posted and continue to keep us informed. Take care!
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Postby RW » Sat May 08, 2004 8:49 am

Great Job Yvette, the reason I made it a point to reply is that a man told me something when I first started that was so incredibly true and simple at the same time I cannot resist to tell new patients. He said "If you can beat it mentally then the physical part is easy". This has rung true for me and it helped me get through the beggining. Stay strong and don't be afraid, just be aware!!
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Postby Hal » Sat May 08, 2004 11:35 am

Hi Yvette,

Glad it went OK for you - keep getting spoiled :)

Take care,

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