Allergic to PD solution???

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Allergic to PD solution???

Postby anne » Thu May 06, 2004 11:56 pm

hi. does anyone know if you can be allergic to the solution used for pd? when randy had his tube put in a week ago they did one exchange to make sure it was working properly. the next day he was so sick and threw up for the next 30 hours or so. well, yesterday he went for a recheck and they did an exchange again to make sure everything is okay, and today he has been so sick again. he has been throwing up all day, and still is. do you think this is a coincidence? i will call the doctor tomorrow to ask him what he thinks is going on. just wondered if any of you have experienced this. thanks, anne
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Postby Hal » Fri May 07, 2004 12:45 pm


Haven't experienced it myself but it is true that people can be allergic to PD solution. However, there are various different makes / types and they should be able to find one suitable for him.

Alternatively, it could be the bodys reaction to having fluid somewhere its not mean't to be - i.e. the peritoneum.

Your right though - check with the doctor.

Best wishes,

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Postby Anne in Va » Fri May 07, 2004 3:11 pm


I have not heard or read of anyone having an allergy to regular dialysis fluid. Of course any one individual can have a reaction to almost anything. Some people are allergic or have sensitivity to the newer PD fluid known in the States as Icodextrin or extraneal. It is usually used for long dwells in some people who absorb too much regular fluid.

It may be that your husband is still very tender internally or the fluid is pressing up against the diaphram. We all respond a little differently in the early days. You said he sleeps a lot. He might try sleeping in a more upright position, for now, to allow the fluid to move lower in his peritoneal cavity.

I would talk with the PD nurse. It is my experience that a good PD nurse usually knows more about the mechanics of PD than the doctor. He/she may be able to give you an answer.

Best Wishes, Anne
Anne in Va
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alergic to p/d? fluid??

Postby Elaine » Sat May 15, 2004 1:53 pm

Hiya Anne, saw your post. My daughter had a lot of sensitivity to many different p/d soloutions which gave he so much pain and discomfort throughout her dialysis. After 6 months she then transfered to physioneal, a solution that is supposed to be most similar to natural soloutions within the body. From the very first nite she used physioneal for her dialysis the pain went -amazing. :lol: Sadly although I believe research has shown that it would be 'ideal' to put most people onto this sorta p/d fluid, cost is an issue as it is 3 x as expensive as other dialysis soloutions. :cry: However, we have never looked back from finding the most suitable p/d fluid for my daughter. Maybe worth asking your dialysis team??

Good luck 2 you and best wishes Elaine & Rachael UK :roll:
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