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OT-my sister's website

PostPosted: Fri Jul 24, 2009 8:40 pm
by Pam
Hi guys,
My younger sis, who has had a kidney transplant for almost 14 yrs, has a website where she sells clothing, purses and other fabric items she has created.....
She named her business "Renal Rags Embroidery" and has put a note about kidney disease and our transplants and encourages people who visit her site to sign their driver's licenses for organ donation.
She's very talented...she sews and decorates her home beautifully....and she's also an excellent cook. When we visit her, we become the grateful recipients of her culinary skills!
She recently moved from South Carolina to Washington, so we won't get to see her as often...her husband was transferred in his job. They have lived in the South for years, so Washington was quite a drastic change for them!
Just thought you might want to look at her site.....