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websites to visit for help and support for kidney patients.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 20, 2009 12:39 pm
by kaceyzin
I wanted to express my support and appreciation to The British Kidney Patient Association (BKPA).
They offer lots of help, advice and resource information on Kidney failure.
I would encourage anyone who has not visited their website to take a look.
You can also phone and speak to a friendly person to gain information and support.
Just type in BKPA into Google.

Also the umbrella of associations is the National kidney federation (NKF).
Just type in NKF into Google.

NKF offer lots of help and advice and useful links to other support centres and associations.

Do you have a local kidney association at your hospital? Its worth asking and becoming a member. Most assocaitions offer tips and suggestions on care management, Social functions, fund raising, financial assistance and advice, support and encouragement and rescources.