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Kidney Research Charity Football Match

PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2009 11:10 am
by poppet
Im doing this on behalf of my partner he doesnt know im actually doing it. For the past couple of years my fella had been suffering total kidney failure, which resulted in him having to go on to kidney dialysis, which he done everynight. This was all caused by high blood pressure. Amazingly his eldest sister donated her kidney to him, and it has now been 7months since the operation and he has been told its been a total success. Now he is fighting fit he feels that he wants to give something back to Kidney Research, so he has organised a Charity Football Match. Now here comes the news that most people wont like, he is actually a Cheltenham Town Fan (boo hiss i know!) Its been 10years since Cheltenham Town made it to the League and he has organised a match between the Legends of 99 and Cheltenham Fans. Now here comes the catch, we are trying to raise as much money for Kidney Research as we can. And hopefully this is where you guys and gals could help out. If anyone could afford to donate to this charity even if its just £1 it would really be much appreciated. Without sounding like im begging Kidney Research is a marvellous charity and has been amazing for us, and we just want to help them out as much as possible. Anyone who knows anyone or who themselves is or has kidney problems how nasty this is. These are a list of confirmed legends appearing if anyone is interested:

Neil Grayson
Chris Banks
Keith Knight
Mark Freeman
Richard Walker
Jamie Victory
Russell Milton
David Norton
Mike Davis
John Brough
Lee Howells
Mark Yates
Neil Howarth
Steve Cotterill
Dale Watkins
Bob Bloomer
Clive Walker
Jason Eaton
Steve Book
Michael Jackson
Gareth Hopkins ... 9024514782

Thankyou for taking the time to read this x