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Edema/swelling from the torso down

PostPosted: Sat May 02, 2009 3:10 am
by fab n four
Has anyone experience full body swelling? I went without my potassium for a couple of weeks (forgetful due to work and family and lazy). In the meantime I have also put on weight due to my monthly food rampage I have experienced for a long time. I notice that when I didn't eat or take in sodium I was fine but then with the first morsel of food with substance would pump me up. I can feel the rush in my body. My skin would tingle, my skin would start to itch and then my skin gets really shiny. I've taken my potassium and I notice a difference but I'm still getting some swelling that is noticiable. I have a tranplanted kidney and had no major issues over the years. Should I be concerned? Should I give the medication more time before pushing the panic button? Thanks Fab n Four. :?: