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? for dialysis and transplant patients

PostPosted: Mon Mar 30, 2009 3:20 pm
by Helen Rambaut
I think anyone who is on dialysis or has had a transplant might be able to help me with this one. Will be very grateful for your suggestions.

My next task in providing info for the questionnaire to evaluate the effect of first time live donor kidney transplantation on the lives of patients who have been for at least one year on haemodialysis.

For the top topic in each category, suggest an every day real life activity which is relevant and can be affected (positively or negatively) by the transplant.

From my previous posting I ranked the most important topics within each section being:

Improvement or not of the following symptoms:
- Breathlessness
- Itchiness
- Tiredness
- Pain/discomfort

Personal life

At home
Family dynamics/quality of life

General mood (mental status)

Many thanks