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Emotional Spiritual aspects of Chronic Illness

PostPosted: Sun Feb 22, 2009 2:46 pm
by eliznew412
There seems to be so much about these aspects and both doctors and Church or Faith ministers can be prone to avoiding these topics. Its seems ironic as neither professions would say that patients are just so many car parts. I have therefore set up a Google chat board for anyone interested. I found an interesting website on the way doctors categorise patients and the patients tend to view them:

If you would like to post on the group, you may do so without being a member. Visit the website or email: ... -illnesses?

To join the group email: emotional-spiritual-support-for-chronic ...

I hope to encourage more support for lifelong renal patients as all life stages are then affected. I don't think any renal patient need feel isolated or unheard these days and we can learn not only from other renal units, but from other cultures. Do join into topics and any new ones as I am keen to learn from all experiences from all types of patients regardless of any faith - or no faith and I am sure we all have our emotional journey!