Late pred withdrawl

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Postby Anne in Va » Tue Dec 16, 2008 11:40 pm

Hi Keith,

Prednisone was withdrawn in my case about a week post transplant. I know everyone's dosage of Tac varies according to their personal blood levels and the accepted trough levels of their particular unit. I take 1mg of Tac in the morning and .5mg in the evening which gives me a blood level of 4-5. I also take 750mg of Cellcept twice a day. My Tac dosage is pretty small compared to that of many others. I, regrettably am not a small lady and I have often wondered why my dosage is so small. You have raised an interesting question I hope someone can answer. Can Prednisone effect Tacrolimus levels and is that why I take such a small dose?

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