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Has anyone heard from Old Borris lately??

PostPosted: Wed Nov 17, 2004 10:05 am
by Rik
Morning Borris ...
I know that you have probably eloped with the young trainee nurse on your HD unit ... or maybe still recovery from Happy Hour binge drinking at your local in Putney ... or maybe Haggis hunting in the deepest parts of Fife (its gets a bit scary around Wormit I hear!!!!) ... or is Sporan in season now?? ... I can never remember!!! ... I know its not Shellaylee trapping in Ireland yet!!!!
personally I favour my first idea ... you have eloped with a young buxom beauty ... you have had a quickie wedding at the Wandsworth Registry Office and your on a world tour as a honeymoon ... (dont forget to send a postcard!!!!)

what ever your poor excuse is for not keeping in touch Borris ... we havent heard from you for a few weeks and I'm wondering how your doing??

Do let us know how things are ... even if its only to hang a
'Just Married ... Do Not Disturb'
sign outside your Hotel room door!!!