Looked at the other Poll that I posted---- Thanks

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Need for Assumed Consent for Organ Donation?

Not sure
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Looked at the other Poll that I posted---- Thanks

Postby Sandra » Tue May 04, 2004 7:19 pm

HI -- :) Basically the Poll is...

Do you agree that there should be Presumed Consent for Organ Donation. Yes or No

I would like to see changes to help those who need organ transplants.

I would like your opinions, thoughts etc. Do any of you know if any of your countries have Assumed Consent? I am currently looking through the wide web and trying to find new information about this and if you provide any help that would be of great help. Thank you for your time and look forward in hearing from you.

Thank you for your time... :)
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Sandra from Canada :-D
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Postby George » Wed May 05, 2004 8:15 am

I clicked yes..before reading correctly :oops: . I am in the uk and we don't have assumed consent, but I think it would be a great step forward if our polititions pulled their fingers out and change the law.
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Reply to George

Postby Sandra » Wed May 05, 2004 7:42 pm

I totally agree that is why I am looking into it. Things are getting worse instead of better. This is my husand's second time on dialysis and the number of people on hemo and pd are increasing. Something has to be done!
Sandra from Canada :-D
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I agree !

Postby Nikki » Thu May 06, 2004 1:50 pm

Hi sandra! I'm Nikki! :)
I'm from the uk and we don't have presumed consent. the government have been talking about it for what seems like forever but nothings been done! I think it should be like that all over the world then if people really we're against it they'd soon get a form wouldn't they and a lot more people would get new organs. people are crap at filling out donor cards and telling their families etc but if it was presumed and they objected I bet they do something about it pretty quick, so we'd all be happy then.
The government really annoy me, people who preach about stuff they know nothing about and have never experienced dialysis always do!!
Good luck with your poll. :wink: We're right behind you. xx
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Assumed consent for donation

Postby BrendaM » Fri May 07, 2004 10:01 am

Hi Sandra
was about to complete the poll but couldn't decide whether I should be ticking the Yes or No box - sorry it wasn't made very clear (George also had trouble).
I do think the Govs should legalise Assumed Consent so that organs are not 'wasted' I also think many pepole who have died tragically would have wanted theri organs to help others but "hadn't thought it would happen to them yet" so hadn't completed donor cards.
Please tick appropriate box for me.
Can't cope with too much brain ache, the new look forum is bad enough :)
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Asumed consent??

Postby Elaine » Mon May 17, 2004 7:57 pm

I ticked Yes to assumed consent. Just my own personal thoughts, maybe because when u see your own family desperate for chance of regaining their health whilst living with the effects of failure failure. I know in other countries has worked well apparantley.

Have to wait and see what happens for the future............... :roll:

Elaine UK :wink:
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Postby Sandra » Tue May 18, 2004 2:41 pm

Would you happen to know one or two of the countries which follow this procedure?
Sandra from Canada :-D
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Asumed consent - Reply to Sandra

Postby Elaine » Tue May 18, 2004 9:35 pm

Hiya Sandra I think Spain is one of the countries that presume consent unless stipulated from people automatically. See Transplant Link web page They have a lotta details info etc about this topic ;)

Best Wishes Elaine uk :wink:
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Sorry for the late reply

Postby mac » Fri Jul 09, 2004 1:28 am

Hi, I've been away for a long, long time - but that's another story. I'm in Canada too, more precisely Quebec. This post caught my eye because there has recently been (June 2004) a new Action Plan on organ donation presented to Prov Govt. Basically it proposes to side-step the double consent presently required for permission to harvest the organs. At present this is done by confirming the donor's signed consent (the donor card - or rather the sticker) and confirming acceptance from the donor's family. The new plan proposed to have the donor make both consents, thus bypassing the family's consent. The first would be signing the form requesting the card/sticker and the second would be by afixing the signature to the card/sticker. I'm in the process of peeling the Plan now, and can say that, half way through, I see that it has completly neglected live donors. For example, in Alberta, live donation is at a 50% level of total donations. A shame that such a pool is totally neglected elsewhere.

Please post your findings. I'm raring to go to do something about restructuring the program here. It's got good momentum at the moment as the Govt Official who presented his plan is a heart recipient. Somehow that gives me faith that something will actually come out of this project.

All the best to you.
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Postby oldborris » Fri Jul 09, 2004 5:48 am

if you don't rephrase your question you are going to get a lot of very confused voters, me included. I think I have just voted incorrectly.
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Reposted Poll

Postby Sandra » Mon Jul 19, 2004 5:29 pm

Ok I took your suggestion and put a new poll on the board and hopefully I can get more replies. Please look for the new poll
Sandra from Canada :-D
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