Media stuff - and anyone in Brighton on Wednesday?

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Media stuff - and anyone in Brighton on Wednesday?

Postby bigbuzzard » Mon Aug 25, 2008 11:10 pm

Been an interesting day on BBC Radio.

First for egotistical reasons! My donor and I did an interview on 7th August (which happened to be our 1st tx anniversary) with the 'Health Check' programme on the BBC World Service. It was broadcast today (and again at 1.30am in a couple hours if any night owls are about). We were trying to get across how living donation isn't as scary a prospect as it might seem at first. Not sure how well we did - as usual there was loads we meant to say that didn't get said! You can listen/download/get podcast from the link above.

Then on Radio 4 this evening was the second in Ben Goldacre's (noted for his sceptical approach to most 'alternative' medicine in his excellent 'Bad Science' column in The Guardian) two part documentary on 'The Placebo Effect'. You can listen to both programmes for now on the Radio 4 website. These have been fascinating. They should be required listening in medical school! They back up something i seem to keep coming across right now about how the chances of recovery or improvement in medical conditions are hugely greater if you as a patient 'believe' you're going to be better (sometimes also called having a positive attitude).

Then Claudia Hammond (who interviewed us on the World Service) cropped up again discussing the famous 'Stanford Prison Experiment' in a new series called Mind Changers. Not really kidney-related but fascinating nevertheless!

The Brighton thing is an event happening there near the West Pier this Wednesday (27 August). It seems to be being organised by Sky TV as an organ donation awareness event, connected to a forthcoming programme they're doing. They're trying to get as many people as possible to come down between 11am - 6pm to join the donor register. They're keen to have people on hand who've had experience of being living donors and transplant recipients. I'll be there around 2pm. Would be great to meet anyone else from this forum who's around down there.
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