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renal clinical practice guidlines

PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 9:28 am
by malmorrison
Hello Kieth,

These people who write these guidelines are probably paid for by the NHS so theres not a cat in hells chance that any of the reccomendations are put into place.

I went to several meetings jointly run by the NKF and the scottish executive,s cross party group on kidney failure and three yes three rather large reports later NOTHING has been done despite all the reccomendations.

Another example of how crazy the system here is they have just spent loads of cash on a new portakabin for the offices here at raigmore for the pen pushers in the renal unit and now the building of the new Haemo unit has been put on hold , despite the spending of money 2 years ago to employ an architect and lots of press coverage this was shelved, they like wasting lots of taxpayers cash here in raigmore. I am deeply disgusted in there attitude towards fragile finances like this but they dont care all I can say maybe these people dont have a concience and sleep easy in their beds or do they waste more money to get themselves pills as I cant get any HA HA......

Regards Malmorrison