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update to feeling rough

PostPosted: Wed Jun 18, 2008 4:10 pm
by my_angel
hi guys

i went to my appt on monday , saw a new doc who was concerned ,told me i had to stay in hosp , he thought i needed hemo urgently ,

he did blood tests and told me to come back later in the afternoon , i have just got home now ,

got the results from the bloods it turned out they had basically overdosed me with calcium , said the calcium in my system was off the scale ,
i thought i had blood shot eyes coz of tiredness (still not sleeping properly) but apparently it is a side effect of the calcium , and due to that it has made my kidneys worse than they were ,

so the treatment was basically put me on iv fluid , stop majority of my tablets because now my kidneys are worse it isnt good for them
and stop me having any calcium (any body tried this ), it is a joke the amount of things that have calcium in and even the hosp couldnt provide me with foods i could eat i was starvin glad to be home ,

the doc who prescribed my tabs in the first place was very sorry about it , my eyeballs are more pink than red now (anyone heard of this side effect )
i feel so much better , but obviously i am closer to dialysis now , i have told them i want the tube in soon as possible because i dont want to have to go on hemo at all , i think i deserve that much after they did this to me , i was just listening to my dictor ,
i have another appt on monday ,when hopefully the dietician will be off his hols and can give me some advice , as i lost a stone in a week and really need some decent food to eat