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Home again almost not !

PostPosted: Fri Jun 13, 2008 4:33 pm
by gazpick
I posted last sunday about me retraining on a fresenius machine and me coming back home and things going well.Well i do have a habit of speaking to soon. After dx on Wednesday, a brand new alarm shrieked into life, as no previous warning of this noise had been given[far worse than the distressed goose alarm] i at first thought our relations with Russians had got far worse over the last few hours that this could be the 4 minute warning, i decided this was not the case and rang the techs.
Dinner time the next day a tech turned up saying he new what was wrong and it wouldn't take long set to work not even taking his coat off. I left him to it, returning 10 mins later i find the coat off and hearing him saying he wasn't sure what was wrong ,and the machine being a new one maybe it should go back to the shop and ask them for a new one. Fortunately after 2 1/2 hours he found and fixed the problem. A good bit news is i have found the volume controll for that bloody alarm.
all the best Gary.