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Diaylsis in Europe

PostPosted: Thu May 01, 2008 8:36 pm
by nicola
Well im so close to arranging my holiday in spain at the end of june, signed paperwork yesterday on the unit and hopefully hear very soon, im so excited about it, hubby and I havent been away for almost 2 years, he is self employed and works so hard and need this break away and to also get change of senery !!!!
Has anyone done this and how much, roughly, is the insurance, i have got a company that i have been using since the kidney started to fail, i know its not going to be cheap but very important to have, i also know that i will temp come off the txp list and that doesnt bother me at all, its for the best my husband's life is ruled by a mob and if we are out there trying to enjoy a holiday i dont want to be thinking what if the call comes, so in that respect im happy to come off, will just miss my doggie, jack my 2 year old springer, its only a week, also how do you guys cope with fluid when on holiday, i have always drank a lot of water in the day when abroad before diaylsis, spoke to the nurse on the unit and she said that they can only take off so much on the machine, its 2500, she said the machines they have over there may be able to take more off, either way im sure i will get well looked after, yipee im off to sunny spain !!!