Meeting with head of Chaplaincy - re Bristol Renal patients

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Meeting with head of Chaplaincy - re Bristol Renal patients

Postby eliznew412 » Fri Jan 25, 2008 11:17 pm

At last I've managed to get a meeting in 2nd week of Feb. Not sure entirely what practical things I can ask for in support of renal patients. I guess their availability and being more in tune with younger age groups I guess. I felt terribly isolated through most of my life whilst after diagnosis at 6yrs old and I strongly feel that it was unnecessary isolation. Only the consultant seemed surprised at the alienation from medics it produced by the age of 52. I don't think it surprised me!

Anyone see the programme on the telly about the social sensitivities of elephants in Uganda....rough handled and shot at in their youth and when rescued and reintroduced without out different age group 'family' around them they started to rampage and react in unexpected ways to stresses and all that took 13 years before they started going a bit crazy. If we have the sense to note these things in nature I think its time we had the sense to really take 'whole life' issues for lifetime renal patients rather more seriously instead of treating them as side issues - 'nice little enhancements' only.

I know, I know 'its that woman's pet subject again' but honest I was shocked how much mere diagnosis at 6yrs old did to me as a person and how nasty it was to have to face and get myself positive in just a 1 1/2 yrs of therapy at 52 years old! Elephants live to 90 don't they? .. well you never know I might make that!
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