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Living kidney donation - pass it on

PostPosted: Tue Dec 04, 2007 10:18 pm
by Helen Rambaut
Last Friday I was in a 4 bed bay for a (routine surveillance) biopsy. The others were a woman having a biopsy on her native kidney; a woman with an 18 year old transplant from her mother; a woman with a 10 year transplant.

This evening the woman who had the native biopsy called me. After seeing us with transplants, and the two who had living kidney donors, she felt things wouldnt be so bad as we looked pretty good to her. She had gone home wondering how she could ever think of anyone who would donate to her. And.... she told a family friend who said he would give her one if it ever came to it. She is B and he is O. So how great is that. Its got the idea going at least and hopefully well before she might need one.

In spite of our upbeat confidence in living on dialysis I would still opt for a transplant if I could get one.