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What more could the ideal KPA do for you?

PostPosted: Sun Dec 02, 2007 5:55 pm
by Helen Rambaut
Hey Guys.

I flew a flag yesterday at the "pre AGM" Charing Cross KPA committee meeting that I wanted to work for and be part of a wider KPA representing all the renal patients in the different hospitals/satellite units which are covered by the new Academic & Science Healthcare Trust which is Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

The "Charing Cross" doctors, nursing and support staff have been integrated with the Hammersmith and St Marys teams and the Imperial College medical faculty. At the CX KPA AGM we heard about the exciting research projects underway to translate research in the lab to the benefit of the patient.

I have some idea about what activities could be expanded by a KPA to help kidney patients more and it would help to have the benefit of your experiences (first diagnosis, pre dialysis, HD and PD dialysis, post transplant, living donors).

So a question I have for you all is what would you ideally like your KPA (or other organisation) to do for you? Perhaps it does already. Examples of good practice please. Perhaps there are gaps. What are they?