For U.S. Patient Rights Advocacy

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For U.S. Patient Rights Advocacy

Postby plugger » Tue Jul 17, 2007 4:09 am

Now that the Colorado Tech bill has been passed I’ve decided to volunteer more of my time to - . This is an organization that not only believes in legislative solutions to the problems in health care – but also legal.

The lawyers are readying lawsuits in California concerning poor patient care. California patients who feel their care has been inadequate are urged to contact But I should mention any U.S. patient who feels their care is inadequate is urged to contact this organization for free chart reviews and lab monitoring - even if you don't want to be part of a lawsuit. The lawyers have their sights on California right now, but any U.S. patient can get help in seeing what kind of care they are getting from our experienced nurses. was formerly DialysisEthics. One of the notable accomplishments of DialysisEthics is not having any patients that have been in contact with them dumped from their clinics for over nine years (I will mention the first patient ever advocated for was lost). I will also say the dumping of non-violent patients is no longer allowed and if you know of any incident can be contacted or CMS – one CMS contact is Brady Augustine.

This is a chance to fight back against bad care – please take it.

Contact info:

ph. 1-888-687-2298


P.S. I should add the website is in the process of being updated and if you want a faster response I would suggest contacting the 888 phone number first.
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