An APD holiday in the French Alps

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An APD holiday in the French Alps

Postby bigbuzzard » Thu Jun 28, 2007 9:06 pm

I'm spending my final night tonight on holiday in the Alpine village of Morzine. We came here last Saturday for my sister's wedding.

Through a combination of a changed departure date, and some pretty enthusiastic over-delivery by Baxter, there is a load of APD & CAPD fluid and drain bags, caps and shields here - enough for 2 weeks if you're on the same regime as me:

5000 RL = 13 boxes (26 bags) all 1.36%
2000 RL = 3.6 boxes (18 bags) all 1.36%
2000 L = 4.6 boxes (23 bags) all 1.36 %
23 drain bags
23 APD 4 prong cassettes
46 shields (approx)
46 caps (approx)

There are also 2 boxes of the 'green' fluid - 2.25%.

The lady who runs the chalet we're staying in, is happy to keep the stuff here in the cellar. I was just wondering whether anyone out there who uses NHS-supplied Baxter APD stuff fancies a short notice break in the Alps? I say short notice - in fact, the expiry date on all this is 11/08 or 02/09 - so a skiing break in the winter is also a possibility.

The chalet is here: - and is lovely. Rent seems reasonable.

It's in the middle of Morzine - about 5 minutes walk to the centre, and a cable car (Pleney) up the the mountains. Loads of other amazing mountain walks and lakes are a short drive away. Geneva airport is about an hour and a half's drive. Cluses is the nearest rail station - about 30 minutes drive down the mountain.

PM me if you want more info, or are interested.
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