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Re: Homeopathy to boost immune system pre-dialysis?

PostPosted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 6:09 pm
by Zennor
I appreciate the desire to clutch at any hope but homeopathy is complete junk based on superstition, pseudo-scientific babble and fake research. There is not a single properly conducted trial that has found any beneficial effect and that is because homeopathy is total tosh to start with.

As for Chinese herbs I refer you to the cases of people taking these for weight loss and knocking out their kidneys. I have personal knowledge of this happening to a distant family member.

There seems to be a nonsensical view that herbal products are natural and therefore inherently better than 'chemical' drugs . Everything is a chemical.

I know it is unfashionable in some quarters, but properly designed and trialed drugs are the only route to go.

It is yet another “I think people in this country have had enough of experts.” symptom.

right rant over. Just don't get me started on 'Mindfulness' which is just colouring-in books and acting selfishly.