My favorite Christmas story...

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My favorite Christmas story...

Postby 1moreguitar » Sat Feb 03, 2007 12:51 pm

A Christmas Tale

Here’s one of my favorite holiday tales that I witnessed back in the late 1980’s. My girlfriend Kathy and I were pulling into a parking space at the local mall when we noticed a young boy about 13 years old running away from the stores down the parking aisle directly in front of us. He was running at full speed and carrying one of those red buckets the bell-ringers use to collect donations in.

It was one of those times you stop what you’re doing and just watch the events unfold. As soon as Kathy saw the boy she said, “Hey look! That boy’s stealing that bucket!”

At that moment Santa came out from behind a parked car near the mall entrance. He was in full Santa-attire complete with black Nike high-top basketball shoes. Santa was obviously in fantastic shape because he was moving like I’d never seen Santa run before. I swear he looked like an Olympic sprinter going for a gold medal. I said, “Don’t worry, Santa’s onto him.”

The boy looked back to see Santa gaining on him. I rolled down my window in time to hear Santa muttering something. I’m not completely certain what it was but the words “…son of a bitch,” were burned into my memory. The boy then turned around a parked car , opened the driver’s side door and jumped inside. Before he could get the door closed Santa was on him like stink on a monkey. We then bore witness to a beating the likes of which I’d never seen before or since. Santa had one hand on the bucket while he reigned down blows with the other in rapid succession that would have made Muhammad Ali take notice.

The boy quickly surrendered defeat and Santa, apparently not even winded, strode back down the aisle to the front of the store with the bucket swinging by his side.

As we passed Santa ringing his bell at the front of the store I reached into my pocket and pulled out a quarter and dropped it in the bucket. As I heard it clink against the other coins I looked at his face and was surprised to see he was quite old and his long white beard was real. I didn’t know what to say, but what came out was, “I always wondered how you kept yourself in such fine shape…”

Santa just smiled back at me and said, “Merry Christmas.” 8)
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