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what a scare!

PostPosted: Sat Aug 28, 2004 6:42 pm
by amanda in CA
As some of you know I am currently visiting my family in the UK. Well last week, there was a message from UC Davis left on my home phone. I duly called the nurse who had left the message to inform me that it had been a possible donor kidney but in the end it wasn't suitable. I'm still hoping that they didn't tell me that just to make me feel better as I wasn't in a position, ie. not in the US to receive it! Strange really because my first transplant was carried out at Addenbrookes in Cambridge. We happened to be staying in Cambridge that week (I had never set foot in the place before other than to pay a visit to someone else who had received a transplant) and we had jokingly remarked that it would be funny if I got the call when we were there, which we did! Must admit that I would be pretty surprised to get one since my PRA is now 100% - can't get any higher than that! :) Amanda