"Can't sleep"

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"Can't sleep"

Postby Thumper » Mon Apr 26, 2004 11:28 am

Hi guys! Do any of you have a problem sleeping at night. I can NEVER sem to get a goods night's rest. Ofcourse I awake constantly to use the bathroom and sometimes even when I don;t have to use the bathroom. I am thinking of asking my Neph for something to help me sleep. A friend who is also a renal patient mentioned that she takes Ativan. I believe that was the name of it. Does anybody have any advice or know anything safe for us to take?
P>S> I was taking melatonin and it helped but sometimes I would wake up in the morning with a headache or have CRAZY dreams :cry: God bless all.
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Good night sleep/bed wetting

Postby msdiva » Mon Apr 26, 2004 1:44 pm

I know what you mean about not getting a good night sleep. I hate to admit this....but sometimes i loose control of my urine in bed, so now i sleep with an adult diaper at night. Its so frustrating, i even tried not driking water past a certain time, but that didnt help either, I know my kidneys are gone, but i never thought i would loose control of my bladder as well, and dont they have meds or surgery that can fix this. any advice?
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sleepless no more

Postby Yvette » Wed Apr 28, 2004 1:15 am

Hi, I hope you are feeling ok during the day even though you are not sleeping much at night. I was going through the exact same thing until my docs raised my amount of epo (Procrit). I found that to be very helpful. Of course, I do still wake up to use the restroom, but I have no trouble getting back to sleep after that. I've never really tried sleep aides (meds) Too scared of consequences. But everyone is different and every situation is different so it would be wise to still ask your doc.
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