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Baxter's Birthday

PostPosted: Fri Oct 20, 2006 2:39 pm
by bigbuzzard
Hi all. I use a Homechoice APD machine supplied by Baxter - who also delivers all the fluid and other bits that I need for PD. For some reason I've appeared on their radar, I think as an 'unusual' patient, and as a result, I got invited to their head office near Newbury to speak to all the staff there, at the company's 75th birthday lunch. They wanted to hear from someone who uses their products, as few of them ever make it to the 'front line'.

It's a leafy place in a little village out in the countryside - must be a nice place to work. I met a bunch of 'renal' people there who were all very friendly. This included a new 'Customer Service Manager' who says she's very keen to hear any suggestions about how they can improve their services. If anyone would like to post anything here, I'll pass it on - alternatively pm me and I'll send her direct contact details.