Transplant Donor

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Transplant Donor

Postby Maria » Thu Jul 22, 2004 5:17 am

Hi all

My brother had he tests done to be a donor, everything went well, but just found out yesterday that he cannot be a donor to me, as I have anti-bodies which I got when I was pregant. Please can someone tell me what this means. Does this also mean that I cannot have a other donor because of the anti-bodies. Please help I would like to hear from you all.

Thank you all

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Postby amanda in CA » Thu Jul 22, 2004 4:33 pm

Hi, Maria, I'm in somewhat the same situation although my antibody production is from my previous transplant. Although you have antibodies which would attack your brother's kidney were it to be transplanted, it does not mean that you cannot have another donor. However, that donor has not to have the antigen that you are producing antibodies against. Do not discount other people in your family if they are suitable candidates, since it is possible that they do not carry the same antigen as your brother. Amanda
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